Accenture Joins Forces with YouWeCan to Expand Healthcare Access Nizamabad


YouWeCan – In India, the state of healthcare facilities loomed over the lives of millions like a heavy question mark, casting shadows of doubt. It was necessary, virtually a moral obligation, to confront this vital subject square on. The discrepancy in access to high-quality medical care necessitated a firm response, a rallying cry for reform that rang out across the country.  

The need to remove this question mark became a driving force, motivating us to direct resources, inventiveness, and collective determination toward a revolutionary endeavor. This was more than a mission; it was a vow to rewrite the story of healthcare, guaranteeing that every person could get the best care without hesitation. 

The pandemic served as a harsh spotlight, uncovering long-hidden gaps. In the midst of a catastrophe, the imperative to modernize healthcare facilities became more than just a necessity. As the country coped with the pandemic’s terrifying impact, the will to remove this question mark grew stronger, establishing a communal commitment to secure healthcare infrastructure, guaranteeing that it could weather any storm. 

Yuvraj Singh, a renowned cricketer and cancer survivor, inspired a dramatic movement by founding the YouWeCan Foundation. This nonprofit organization, established under the Bombay Trust Act of 1965, has arisen as a ray of hope in the fight against cancer. The foundation, guided by a solid mission, actively promotes awareness, emphasizes early detection, provides compassionate patient care, and empowers survivors. 


Yuvraj Singh’s imaginative project has set the foundation for a big effect, orchestrating a dramatic transformation in the cancer support and advocacy landscape. The YouWeCan Foundation is a monument to its dedication, seeking to break down obstacles and bring about good change in India’s public healthcare sector, promoting a brighter future for everybody in the fight against cancer. 

The YouWeCan Cancer Treatment Fund assists qualified paediatric cancer sufferers by providing critical financial assistance of up to INR 200,000 per kid. This lifeline is primarily aimed at patients under the age of 18, from low-income families, with an annual family income of less than INR 200,000.  

Creating Impact 

Through the YouWeCan Scholarship for Cancer Survivors initiative, the Foundation helps cancer survivors re-enter the formal education system. Scholarships of up to INR 25,000 per student per year are awarded to high school and college students from economically disadvantaged families with an annual household income of less than INR 200,000. Students who join the program receive consistent assistance for the next five years of their academic path, or until their course concludes, ensuring a brighter future. 

During the COVID-19 epidemic, a groundbreaking study was done in Telangana to identify regions suffering from a severe dearth of critical care services. The analysis revealed Nizamabad to be the most afflicted district outside of the state capital, highlighting the critical need for increased healthcare resources. 

The YouWeCan Foundation, led by the famous figure of international cricket, Yuvraj Singh, staged a symphony of collaboration that harmonised with funding from Accenture to crystallize an incredible shift. The construction of a robust garrison of 120 Critical Care Unit (CCU) beds at the Government Medical College & General Hospital in Nizamabad, Telangana, was a formidable effort. This steadfast march marked a glorious chapter in the Foundation’s “Mission 1000 Beds” endeavor, brimming with potential and influence. 

During the chaotic onslaught of COVID-19’s second wave, Yuvraj Singh’s remarks rang with a piercing truth formed in the crucible of shared agony, terrible loss, and the persistent effort to obtain a breath, an ICU bed, and a lifeline for loved ones hanging in the balance.  

A resolve was kindled inside him by the crucible of this unique calamity, one that necessitated action to protect our healthcare soldiers and frontline sentinels in their tireless struggle against the persistent virus. A personal loss imprinted the gravity of the situation on his psyche, motivating him to stand tall in the face of despair. 

Making a Real Difference 

Accenture’s gift of USD 25 million (roughly INR 185 crore) rang out as a clarion call of unity. A vow as lofty as it was sympathetic, a promise to alleviate the burdens of a troubled nation.  

To accomplish this, the company is collaborating with a number of charitable organizations, including the YouWeCan Foundation. Accenture has also provided food and COVID-19 at-home care kits to the unemployed and poor, as well as COVID-19 support kits and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to frontline healthcare professionals. It has also collaborated with the government to boost immunization clinics and provide call center assistance in local languages. 

As part of the foundation’s #Mission1000Beds initiative, they will collaborate to build critical care beds in Rohru and Theog in Himachal Pradesh, Bikaner in Rajasthan, Madurai in Tamil Nadu, and New Delhi. They have added 120 critical care unit (CCU) beds to the Government Medical College & General Hospital in Nizamabad, Telangana. Their contribution to this initiative includes hospital medical supplies such as oxygen cylinders, ICU ventilators, patient monitors, crash carts, and BiPAP machines.