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Ambuja Cements bags the FICCI CSR award in Women Empowerment Category

Ambuja Cements

Ambuja Cements wins FICCI CSR award for Women Empowerment

Ambuja Cements, a subsidiary of Adani Group and a cement and building material manufacturer, has won the “Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) CSR Award 2020-2021” in the category of “Women Empowerment.”

The 20th FICCI CSR Award 2020–2021 for Women Empowerment goes to Ambuja Cements.

8 women’s federations and 2970 SHGs were affected; 31,000 female youth were trained; and 9,000 women were empowered and involved in revenue-generating activities.

In 2023, the Skill Training Centers intend to teach 412 female children and place them in jobs.

The company has touched 2970 SHGs (Self-Help Groups), 8 women federations, and taught 31,000 female youth through its CSR programmes for women. 9000 women are now able to participate in activities that generate income thanks to it. These women were given the tools by the company to be community leaders, wage earners, and agents of change. By engaging in self-help organizations, they were encouraged to earn money and accumulate capital reserves, which encouraged them to save money on credit, ultimately enabling them to launch their enterprises both individually and in larger groups.

Ambuja Cements

Goat farming, poultry farming, dairy farming, kitchen gardening, sewing, and other industries are among them. The Company’s additional CSR projects incorporate the women’s empowerment concept, women’s engagement and inclusion, socioeconomic strengthening, and encouragement to create local institutions. Women participate in water user associations, FPOs, Sakhis (community health workers), Pashu Sakhis (community animal health workers), and are encouraged to enrol in courses with a male predominance by female youngsters. In 2023, the Skill Training Centers intend to teach 412 female children and place them in jobs.

The CEO of Cement Business, Mr. Ajay Kapur, stated, “We are thrilled to be recognised and congratulated for our efforts toward the community, particularly in Women Empowerment. We work hard to support women as they grow, change, and become self-sufficient so they can provide for their families, enrich the community, and become valuable members of it.

For the purpose of promoting business involvement in inclusive growth, FICCI established the inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award in India in 1999. The standard that honours the most socially responsible Indian corporations is known as the FICCI Corporate Social Responsibility Award.