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Anand Goel, Founder of Quoeco, wins the Most Innovative Green Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 at the Business Mint Nationwide Awards


Anand Goel, QuoEco bags Most Innovative Green Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 Awards

Quoeco, the world’s first eco-friendly social media startup, was recognized by the Business Mint Nationwide Awards 2022, held on 28th November at Holiday Inn IHG Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi. Anand Goel, the founder of Quoeco, received the most innovative green entrepreneur of the year.

Anand Goel was presented with this award for embodying the principles and spirit of green entrepreneurship to the greatest extent. The startup presented a creative and innovative solution taking into account the challenges faced by today’s society: fighting climate change,  reducing CO2 emissions, and promoting efficient energy.

The Most Innovative Green Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 award is conferred to the green entrepreneur who has a strong internal motivation related to high sensitivity to environmental problems such as climate change, increased CO2 emissions, waste production, and rising sea levels. The startup addresses environmental needs consciously and has an innovative mindset with disruptive ideas that contribute to a more sustainable future.

The social media startup demonstrated that there is a real sustainability problem that exists for their solution and was aware of how its solution was innovative and different from others. They presented a solid business model and a financial plan behind the company’s service while being aware of all the elements needed for the business model and the number of people it has impacted or will impact in the future.


Quoeco is a social media platform that is dedicated to protecting the environment with its green gesture and is wooing its users with excellent social media engagement features and a commitment to plant 1000 saplings. For every 100 users on the platform, Quoeco plants a tree, bringing an eco-friendly approach to digitization. Even the share of ad revenue generated from the platform is used to create a greener neighborhood.

Talking about the recognition, Anand Goel, Founder of Quoeco, said, “It is a proud moment for Quoeco to be recognized as a leading green startup. The recognition speaks a lot about our capabilities and environment-friendly initiatives and acknowledges our commitment to fighting climate change and preserving the environment. We are honored to receive this award.”

According to recent research, around 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions are generated by social media, the internet, and other supporting systems. Quoeco is the only platform that will help in curbing carbon emissions and safeguarding the environment for a sustainable future.

To know more about Quoeco, visit https://www.quoeco.com