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Chennai’s Anandam Trust Old Age Home Keeps Elders Engaged By Teaching Needy Children

Anandam Trust

Anandam Trust – Old Age Home Keeps Elders Engaged By Teaching

Anandam Trust – In the busy metropolis of Chennai, there is one old age home that sticks out from the crowd. Rather than merely offering a location for older individuals to live out their golden years, this institution offers a novel approach to senior care.

The inhabitants of this facility, who have gone through a lifetime of adventures and earned a wealth of knowledge, have taken it upon themselves to share their wisdom with the next generation. These older individuals have discovered a new sense of purpose and fulfillment by educating underprivileged youngsters from the local community, and they have contributed to the creation of a unique and lively intergenerational community.

This is the story of an old age home in Chennai that keeps elders active by educating underprivileged youngsters, and the remarkable impact it has had on everyone involved.

Anandam Trust – Old Age Home

The old woman, who is both a resident and a teacher at the Anandam Trust’s Old Age Home in Gangai Nagar, Kallikuppam, Chennai, oozes happiness as she observes the pupils gathering around her.


These pupils, worthy youngsters from the local community, have come to the Trust’s free Education Centre in search of further education. The senior people of this old age home, many of whom may have encountered difficulty themselves, are dedicated to passing on their knowledge, talents, and commitment to others in need.

With the help of our kind sponsors and well-wishers, Anandam gradually moved into its own facilities – a magnificent 24,000 sqft. structure built on 15 acres of land and capable of housing 105 seniors. The home was built as a model home, complete with all facilities and modern amenities, including dormitories, a kitchen with steam cooking and automated machines, a dining room, a prayer hall, a physiotherapy room with all modern equipment, a TV and entertainment room, a library, and a medical ward staffed by a team of doctors, nurses, and attendants.

According to the organization, “our residents carry out many of the Home’s day-to-day activities based on their interests, abilities, and health condition.” others assist in cooking duties, some in provision procurement, others in maintenance-related jobs, and a few others in the organization of in-house programs.”

Why do they promote this? Because keeping elders engaged in this way has given them a feeling of belonging; being proactively involved keeps them physically and cognitively nimble; and it builds a strong link among residents as they take responsibility for each other’s well-being. They also nurture the elders’ abilities by holding regular music, yoga, tailoring, and dancing sessions.

Aid for education

The surroundings of a youngster has a significant impact on his or her destiny. Many children from low-income neighborhoods come from single-parent homes or abusive homes with alcoholic fathers. They are also frequently first-generation students. On the one hand, parents with little or no formal education are unable to assist their children with their academics. On the other hand, bad economic situations dissuade deserving students from pursuing higher education.

According to the group, “in 2010, we started an evening tuition center with 7 students at our premises to provide free, after school coaching with the help of the elders.” Today, we have 270 students from grades 3 to 12. We collaborate closely with government/municipal school instructors to find qualified children.”

Everyone in Anandam lives together as one huge family. Everyone can see and feel their love and affection. But what distinguishes them is their passion for social work and their determination to remain active. Everything in this old age home is administered with zest by them, even activities like cooking. With the exception of a few critically ill people, most of the older adults here desire to keep themselves busy.