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Ananya’s Mission To Break Taboos & Transform Menstrual Health in Rural India

Ananya’s Mission

Ananya’s Mission -Menstrual hygiene is a major problem among women and girls in rural India. Lack of awareness and information about correct practices leads to the adoption of unsanitary methods during menstruation, placing women at risk of infections and reproductive health difficulties.

The tradition of secrecy and shame around menstruation exacerbates the situation, generating feelings of embarrassment and isolation. As a result, many girls miss school, resulting in high dropout rates and limited educational prospects.

Ananya’s Mission

The Birth of Pragati Project

Ananya Malde, a 15-year-old Bengaluru native, was greatly inspired to act after witnessing her domestic help’s daughter drop out of school owing to menstruation. The realisation that more than 23 million girls in India drop out of school each year owing to menstrual problems inspired her to start the project ‘Pragati.’ Ananya set out to educate girls in rural India about menstruation health and hygiene, beginning in her hometown of Gujarat.

Ananya recognised that effective menstrual education and availability to clean and inexpensive menstrual hygiene products are critical components for tackling these concerns comprehensively. Pragati has made a huge effect by reaching out to girls in need, offering education, donating sanitary pads, and advocating healthy menstrual waste management.

Pragati, Ananya’s project, provides as a roadmap for addressing the interconnected difficulties of education, access to menstruation products, and menstrual hygiene awareness faced by girls in India. It emphasises the necessity of breaking the silence, offering education, and assuring access to resources in order to empower girls, reduce school dropout rates, and create a healthier and more inclusive society.

Ananya’s amazing journey emphasises the need for open discourse, education, and the availability of sanitary menstruation products in empowering girls and building a more inclusive society. By addressing the combined concerns of education and access, she has illustrated how one person’s initiative can have a long-term impact on the lives of millions. Her project, Pragati, not only gives immediate assistance but also creates the framework for long-term change, establishing an example for others to follow.

Impact Created

Ananya Malde and her project, Pragati, have had a huge impact on society, bringing about constructive transformation. Ananya has effectively raised awareness about menstrual health and cleanliness, empowering girls in rural regions, and reducing dropout rates caused by menstruation-related issues through her unwavering efforts and dedication.

Pragati’s teaching and awareness of girls in rural communities has been one of its most significant impacts. Ananya has provided girls with critical knowledge about their bodies and menstrual cycles by developing a complete curriculum on menstrual health in local languages such as Gujarati. This instruction not only helps children understand menstruation, but it also dispels myths and preconceptions about it. As a result, girls are more aware, confident, and empowered to manage their menstrual health efficiently.

The dissemination of straw and bamboo sanitary pads has also resulted in major change. Ananya has created a practical solution that ensures girls have access to safe and clean menstrual supplies by distributing these pads. This has resulted in better menstrual hygiene practises and a lower risk of infection.

Furthermore, the placement of incinerators in schools shows the emphasis on proper menstrual waste management. Ananya has not only solved the urgent hygienic concerns but also developed a feeling of environmental responsibility among the girls and the community at large by advocating the safe disposal of discarded sanitary pads.

Ananya used Pragati to hold awareness events and communicate with over 100 girls, developing a full curriculum on menstrual health in three languages. Ananya’s proposal received notice and support as a result of her involvement in the Future Leaders Programme of the 1 Million for 1 Billion (1M1B) Foundation. This chance allowed her to promote her work and present Pragati to the United Nations, so amplifying her effect and raising awareness about the importance of menstruation health.

Going Forward

Ananya Malde and the Pragati project have lofty ambitions and a clear vision for the future. They intend to broaden their reach and influence by expanding their activities into more rural parts of India. Ananya hopes to expand the project to reach a wider number of girls and provide them with important menstrual education, affordable sanitary pads, and efficient waste management facilities.

Pragati’s future plans include cooperating with more schools, community organisations, and government agencies to provide long-term solutions. Ananya intends to continue fighting for period health at the policy level, ensuring that menstrual hygiene management becomes an integral element of educational programmes and policies across the country.

Ananya Malde’s and the Pragati project’s journey has been nothing short of inspirational. Ananya’s unwavering commitment and compassion have led to incredible results, from witnessing a young child drop out to taking strong efforts towards eradicating the practise. She has not only provided education and access to period hygiene supplies through Pragati, but she has also fostered a feeling of pride and empowerment in countless girls.