Apexon Ignite Team is delighted to announce the grand success of the convocation ceremony of FIRST BATCH of Ahaan Vocational Center in Bengaluru

Apexon Ignite Team

Apexon Ignite Team – Ahhan’s talented students have spent their time honing their basic computer skills, and they are now  ready to take on the world of IT. 

Ms. Ashwani Bogadi, the incredible Bengaluru Apexer graced the ceremony with her presence.  Her interaction with the students was truly inspiring. She congratulated and motivated everyone  to chase their dreams with the skills they’ve acquired and shared her own invaluable  experiences. 

We were also privileged to have Mr. S Thivagaran, Founder of The Perfect Raaga, deliver a  motivational speech about the immense benefits of digital skills in today’s era. His words of  wisdom encouraged our students to embark on the path of employment and fulfill their  aspirations. 

Apexon Ignite Team

Our graduating students couldn’t have been happier and more energetic on this momentous day.  They took the stage to share their incredible learning journey, their future-plans, and how they  intend to apply their newfound skills from Ahaan Vocational Center. We are proud to announce  that 4 of our talented students have already secured placements and our team is working on the  placement of the others. 

To all our graduates at Ahaan, we want you to know that we are incredibly proud to be a part of  your journey, and we will always be here to support you. 

Congratulations to all our incredible graduates! 

One Youth At A Time!