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Believe India and Manzil Mystics launch The BEAMS project

Manzil Mystics

Manzil Mystics launches BEAMS project

Believe, one of the top digital music labels in the world, is excited to share that it has partnered with Manzil Mystics in India to develop BEAMS, or the “Believe for Educational Advancement through Music Scholarship.” The initiative is a part of Believe’s global CSR strategy, “Shaping Music for Good,” which aims to upskill and cultivate local talent.

BEAMS, an idea from Believe, is a means-plus-merit-based livelihood project that offers aspiring and talented musicians from lower socioeconomic backgrounds two years of steadfast financial aid, training, and mentoring so they can start successful careers in the music industry. Giving exceptional artists a platform and introducing them to the music industry simultaneously accomplishes two goals, but this initiative also exemplifies Believe’s values of knowledge, respect, transparency, and fairness to govern its actions as part of its CSR initiative, “Shaping Music for Good,” with the aim of fostering a more resilient and inclusive music industry.

The BEAMS programme will include classes that teach students about the music business through fellowships, internships, and mentoring. With the aid of this fellowship, 10 fellow students between the ages of 18 and 25 will carry out community initiatives engaging more than 4000 youngsters in Delhi over the course of two years by setting up music workshops in 25 schools.

Manzil Mystics

The SoSE of the Delhi Education Board has proposed a variety of themes for the approved curriculum, and will use music to explore them as facilitators (School of Specialized Excellence). With the instruction and resources required to pursue a dependable and long-lasting career in music, these students will graduate.

“Believe has always been dedicated to supporting music in all forms and channels, with outreach programmes being focused on the global CSR strategy, “Shaping Music for Good,” which supports our culture and principles,” stated Vivek Raina, managing director of Believe India. Working with Manzil Mystics on this endeavour is exciting for us as industry experts because it enables us to support and make the necessary modifications to the idea of a formal curriculum that trains students for jobs in the music industry. We anticipate a mutually beneficial relationship because one of the goals of our programme is to create a society that is inclusive and diverse.

Manzil Mystics is a well-known nonprofit with its main office in Delhi. It has worked in the fields of education, music, and development during the past seven years, using music as a tool for social change. They hold seminars on subjects including gender education, spoken English, reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, and life skills through song while working with poor partner schools and communities. Their opinions and ideas align with those of BEAMS, assuring the program’s success.