Bengaluru company promoting sustainable packaging in corporate gifting

sustainable packaging

Bengaluru company promotes sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging – What percentage of the plastic packaging that you purchase online—whether it be a ceramic bowl, a coffee mug, or clothing—goes into your trash? Both the world and the packaging industry are moving toward sustainable lifestyle choices. Indian businesses are increasingly choosing sustainable packaging solutions while giving gifts to their staff and clients on various occasions, remembering their obligation to the environment.

OffiNeeds is a business with headquarters in Bengaluru that helps corporations offer presents to their clients and employees. The company’s CEO, Srikanth Acharya, speaks candidly to The CSR Journal about the company’s decision to use sustainable packaging when shipping presents to clients and staff on behalf of corporations.

Sustainable packaging made of no plastic

“We are a Bengaluru-based company with branches in Chennai and Hyderabad. Our primary clients are large to medium-sized corporations, including Infosys, Standard Chartered Bank, Flipkart, TVS Motor, and many others ranking among our top clients. We provide end-to-end corporate gifting for everything that businesses want to provide to their clients or staff. According to the CEO, these often comprise t-shirts, jackets, coffee mugs, speakers, headphones, notebooks, and water bottles that are imprinted with the emblem of the particular company.

Many people have continued to work from home, especially in the previous two years. We are now even sending gifts to employees’ homes rather than their places of employment. Additionally packaged items like bubble wrap, plastic covers, plastic packaging cases, shrink wrap covers, and other materials are needed when we do that. We have started using completely eco-friendly substitutes for shrink wrap, t-shirt covers, and bubble wrap that are all composting and biodegradable. In this way, there will be no plastic wrapping when a gift is delivered to someone’s home, he continued.

Alternatives to sustainable packaging for gifts

When asked what packing materials they use, Acharya replied, “First, when we acquire t-shirts for gifting, we remove the plastic cover and safely dispose of it by handing it to a recycling unit. As an alternative, we package the t-shirt in biodegradable containers made of corn starch and other elements. Second, shrink wrapping is used to protect electronics like notebooks, power banks, and other electronic devices from dust. Although plastic shrink wraps are frequently used, we utilize a sustainable substitute.

Materials for sustainable packaging

“Bubble wrap sheets are the third option for preventing damage to goods like glass, pottery, and other items. We make use of hexagonal paper cut rolls, which provide comparable defence. Fourth, packaging boxes have a plastic coating on them. We use boxes with UV coating so that they are both equally effective and compostable. The packaging for any gifts we give staff members is entirely eco-friendly, he continued.