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Biocon CSR Arm wins ‘Mahatma Award 2022 for Excellence in Social Good’

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Biocon CSR Arm Receives Mahatma Award 2022

The “Mahatma Award 2022 For Excellence in Social Good” has been given to the Biocon Foundation (Biocon CSR Arm), the CSR (corporate social responsibility) division of Biocon Limited, which has its headquarters in Bengaluru.

The prizes were given out in New Delhi on the day of the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation.

The Aditya Birla Group supports the Mahatma Awards, which were conceived and established by social entrepreneur and philanthropist Amit Sachdeva, often known as “The CSR Man of India.”

For their work in Bengaluru, the Biocon Foundation was recognized with an award in the category of “Sustainable Cities and Communities.” The recipients of this prize strive to create inclusive, secure, robust, and sustainable cities and human settlements.

At a ceremony conducted at the India International Centre in New Delhi, Dr. Anupama Shetty, Mission Director of the Biocon Foundation, was presented with the honour. The honour was given to the Biocon Foundation as a way of recognizing the numerous initiatives carried out during the year to lessen the environmental impact on communities. Some of these included the BMRCL’s Hebbagodi Metro Station, the revitalization of Hebbagodi Lake, the modification of the traffic island in Minsk Square, and the establishment of urban micro-forests in Dakshina Kannada. Additionally, it strives to open access.

Biocon CSR Arm

The Mahatma Gandhi Award for Excellence in Social Good is a remarkable appreciation of Biocon Foundation’s extensive efforts towards enhancing Bengaluru’s quality of life, said Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Executive Chairperson of Biocon and Managing Trustee, at the ceremony. A testament to Biocon’s dedication to holistic Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practises is the Foundation’s active participation in a number of initiatives, such as the lake rejuvenation project, urban afforestation, urban landscaping, and contributions to an eco-friendly mass transit system. We are confident that with the help of everyone—citizens, the government, and businesses—innovative solutions can be implemented to make Bengaluru a more liveable and sustainable city in the future.

We are incredibly thrilled to get the Mahatma Award for the second year in a row, said Dr. Anupama Narayan Shetty, Mission Director of the Biocon Foundation. It serves as evidence of the foundation’s ongoing efforts. To improve the environment and the quality of life for the locals, we have been working on a number of environmentally friendly projects. Our efforts to improve our society, our people, and our environment shall continue.

In order to lessen the effects of the heat island effect, more than 1,800 square metres of green space was added to the 3,700 square metres of the Minsk Square project in Bengaluru. Due to this, the citizens are now quite welcome in the square.

On more than 3,200 square metres of land, a Miyawaki forest is being created.