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CSR: Breaking The Chain of Poverty Through Free Education For Girls

Free Education For Girls

Breaking Chain of Poverty by Free Education For Girls

Free Education For Girls – A well-educated girl becomes a part of the social fabric. Her knowledge and abilities break the historical cycle of ignorance. The agony endured by a street child growing up begging is indescribable. They live in a world of ignorance and delusions, with no hope or confidence.

The young girl’s life and the lives of those around her are ruined—a social curse passed down from generation to generation.

Sherin’s life in Vrindavan took a dramatic turn when her father was diagnosed with cancer when she was a child. Coming from a low-income family, her unemployed mother was forced to care for him and their four children.

Sherin’s father died in 2009 after two years of treatment, despite the fact that he had a fatal disease. The mother’s and children’s lives became more difficult as time passed. Despite her mother’s constant concern for their education and upbringing, paying for education became difficult.

Free Education For Girls

Sherin is a young Vrindavan girl.

They were relieved, however, when they learned about Food For Life Vrindavan’s Educate a Girl project. Sherin arrived right away to enrol and was offered free education.

Rupa Raghunath Das founded Food For Life Vrindavan (FFLV) 31 years ago. It aims to educate poor girls in Vrindavan and empower them to transform their lives and break the cycle of poverty in their families.

Rupa Raghunath Das had the vision, skills, and perseverance to transform FFLV from a food distribution programme into an organisation that seeks long-term solutions and effectively contributes to the improvement of all aspects of life in Vrindavan.

More than 1800 girls have received free education through the Educate a Girl project, from kindergarten to graduation.

Defending women

Vrindavan is one of the world’s holiest cities. There are large number of temples, and many new structures are being built with commercialization in mind. But just outside are hundreds of slums and children begging.

Since 1991, FFLV has been working at the grassroots level to prevent child marriage by providing underprivileged girls in these areas with free good education, vocational training, nutritious meals, a sports gymnasium, medical facilities, and transportation.

FFLV is offering free meals.

Sponsorships from donors power the Educate a Girl project. One girl’s education costs Rs 3500 per month and Rs 42,000 per year. This would include good education, a nutrient dense breakfast and lunch, transportation, uniforms, books, stationery, school maintenance, and FFLV administration costs. Donors from all over the world contribute to the organisation, including The First Company and The Body Shop.

“We value and support the focus on education,” said Suzanne and Dr. Ludwig Jacobs, Founder and Owner of Dr. Jacobs Medical in Germany. We are very impressed with the students’ attitude, their understanding of the value of a good education, and how hard they work for it with such zeal. We spoke with a few of our sponsors.