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Bry-Air and DRI organize Sports Day for 250 students at Bajghera, Gurugram on International Day


Bry-Air, DRI organize Sports Day for students in Gurugram

The Pahwa Group’s flagship companies, Bry-Air and DRI, held a sports day for the Pathshala students on January 24, 2023, in observance of the International Day of Education. The Sports Day was held at the Literacy India playground in Bajghera village, Gurugram, and about 250 youngsters took part.

With a commitment to inclusive education, Sports Day promoted the overall growth of kids. In order to promote sportsmanship in a fun way, Bry-Air and DRI created a number of events as part of the event, including the spoon race, relay race, 50-meter race, 100-meter race, three-legged race, sack race, and tug of war.

The Group has been working toward the new cause of providing education to impoverished children since 2011 and has been operating as Bry-Air Pathshala and DRI Pathshala in Dharam Colony and Carterpuri village, respectively. Bry-Air and DRI have been working tirelessly to offer free education to disadvantaged children because they recognise the value of making education available to everyone. For the students living in the outlying areas of the city, they have been providing a primary school atmosphere as part of the effort.


“As a responsible firm, we always aim to make society a better place to live in,” Ms. Anandita Pahwa, Head Of CSR, Bry-Air & DRI, remarked during the event. We seek to close the educational gap by offering education to people who cannot afford it because we recognise the important role that education plays in forming society. In order to ensure that nothing is compromised at any level of the project, the company is actively participating in all actions. And it was a deliberate choice to hold Sports Day in conjunction with the International Day of Education in order to instil in children a spirit of sportsmanship that is intended to promote their overall development.

Even during the pandemic, the companies remained committed to the cause and unwavering in their determination to deliver high-quality education. They gave out laptops and tablets to students so that learning would continue even when traditional sessions were suspended. Additionally, 400 students were connected as part of the effort using a digital style of instruction.

Bry-Air and DRI offer skill development courses in a variety of sectors in addition to schooling to help girls and young people become independent. The group also helps women and young girls become self-sufficient members of society by teaching them computer literacy, beautician and tailoring courses, and other skills while also supplying them with sewing machines, tailoring, and beautician kits.

The flagship businesses of the Pahwa Group, Bry-Air and DRI, work to connect with the direct beneficiaries through their CSR programmes, with a particular emphasis on the community’s vision (eye care), education, environment, and sustainability. Over 60,000 lives have been impacted to date by Group firms working with NGO partners, directly improving the beneficiaries’ quality of life.