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Commenting on the budget 2023, Dr. Payal Kanodia, Trustee, M3M Foundation said

Payal Kanodia

Dr. Payal Kanodia, M3M Foundation on Budget 2023

Dr. Payal Kanodia – “The budget for this year is very encouraging, with a focus on inclusive development, green growth, and youth power. The announcements in various fields, such as tax relief, education improvements, and focus research and development, are encouraging. The increase in allocation for school education from Rs 63,449 crore (Budget Estimate) in 2022-23 to Rs 68,804 crore in 2023-24 is a welcome step for the education sector. The availability of the National Digital Library to children will greatly benefit the children. A strong focus on youth skill development will assist industries to attract young talent. Another significant development is the establishment of 30 Skill India International Centres across various states to prepare youth for international opportunities. We heartily welcome the ‘Mahila Samman Saving Certificate’ for women with a fixed interest rate of 7.5 per cent, for over a period of two years. This will definitely lead to shaping India into a stronger and growing economy in the future.