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Buimerc India Foundation Upgrades Lives of 90 Rural Women Through Vocational Training

Buimerc India Foundation

Buimerc India Foundation – Vocational Training of Rural Women

Buimerc India Foundation – Women in rural India frequently face numerous barriers to education and employment opportunities. Traditional gender roles and societal expectations place a heavy burden on women, requiring them to prioritize domestic responsibilities and caregiving duties over their own personal and professional goals.

Even when women complete their education, they frequently face discrimination or have few job opportunities in rural areas. Despite the fact that rural industries such as agriculture and handicrafts employ women, a lack of skills and training is a common problem.

Buimerc India Foundation

Tapping into homemakers

The main causes of this are a lack of awareness and affordability. Even if rural women are aware of skill and vocational training programs, the costs may be prohibitively high.

Housewives in traditional rural households rely on traditional jobs such as housekeeping, fishing, and selling fish to supplement their income. Some of them work as casual laborers, earning a pittance that is insufficient to improve their living conditions.

These are the women from the underprivileged community who have the potential to achieve great things.

The organization is committed to empowering women and promoting gender equality. The foundation was founded with the goal of creating a more just and equitable society through education, healthcare, economic empowerment for women, disaster relief, and other initiatives.

One of the foundation’s most important initiatives is its women’s empowerment program, which provides training and resources to assist women in rural areas in developing the skills and knowledge required to become financially self-sufficient. The foundation provides vocational training programs and mentorship opportunities through this program to assist women in starting their own businesses and pursuing economic opportunities.

Homemakers were unable to create profitable micro-enterprises due to a lack of awareness and formal vocational training facilities. Their primary goal was to earn enough money to provide daily meals for the family. The organization discovered through ground-level research that even if women tried a new job or business, they lacked the necessary skills and marketing support.

Sufirath is one of the trainees who benefited from the AVT McCormick-sponsored Women Empowerment Programme, which was carried out by the Buimerc India Foundation. Getting a job after finishing her degree was a pipe dream for her. She had no idea it would come true. But that was before she enrolled in the training program.

“It gave me the confidence to start my tailoring unit,” she says. Five of us who received training from the Buimerc India Foundation started the business together and frequently take orders for stitching clothes. The course not only taught us how to tailor but also how to be entrepreneurs.”