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Canon India’s Adopt a Village CSR initiative adopts Nandrampur Bass in Haryana

Adopt a Village CSR initiative

Canon India announced the adoption of Nandrampur Bass in Haryana as the next village under its signature Adopt a Village CSR initiative, demonstrating its commitment to making a lasting impact on the community. The new village adoption highlights Canon’s steadfast commitment to encouraging good change and making significant contributions to the upliftment of society, in line with its ‘Henkaku’ strategy, which also includes CSR projects. 

Canon has successfully concluded its 5-year affiliation with Maheshwari Village, and the new village adoption marks the next strategic chapter in the initiative’s journey through North India. Canon India’s devoted efforts across the 4Es- Education, Eye Care, Environment, and Empowerment- since its adoption in 2018 have been successful in creating a sustainable environment for community members. The school in Maheshwari was designated as the district’s Model School, benefiting around 1400 children with its facilities. 

Mr. Manabu Yamazaki, President and CEO of Canon India, commented on the announcement, saying, “At Canon, the spirit of contributing to society has been an integral part of our culture.” We are proud of the legacy that the ‘Adopt a Village’ campaign has established over the last decade, affecting thousands of lives at the grassroots level across the country. Maheshwari village is a perfect example of this, where the improvement in educational quality has had a deep influence on pupils, alongside other extraordinary improvements that have caused economic, social, and environmental ripples. Every time we visit these towns and interact with the population, we are encouraged and gratified to witness things personally.  

Canon India’s Adopt a Village CSR initiative

The construction of a ‘Vision Center’ would result from Eye Care. The initiative, in collaboration with Canon’s Vision Center, will provide free eye exams for villagers and children under the supervision of an eye care specialist. Health camps and health-related awareness seminars will also be included in the domain’s operations. Regular tree plantation efforts, quarterly large scale village cleanliness drives, and environmental awareness campaigns would be implemented with the participation of Canon employees. Kitchen gardens, shared waste pits, and solar panel installation would all be started. 

Canon India wants to undertake a wide range of initiatives at the school and community as part of the initial steps of change, including Education, Eye Care, Environment, and Empowerment. Education would begin with repairing the school building’s infrastructure and renovating restrooms, providing basic health and cleanliness. In addition, a ‘Resource Center’ for children will be developed, providing access to computer classes and e-learning. 

Under Empowerment, youth will have access to digital education through a vocational computer center. Skill development courses for community members will also be introduced to enhance self-sufficiency.