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Club Med’s Green Week 2023: Elevating Sustainability with Exciting Initiatives for the Third Year

Club Med's Green Week 2023

9th June, 2023 – Club Med’s Green Week 2023 – Club Med, the world’s leading provider of all-inclusive vacations, is pleased to announce the eagerly anticipated introduction of the 2023 Green Week Edition. This groundbreaking effort demonstrates Club Med’s constant dedication to promoting sustainability and green practises. Building on the popularity of the first event, the 2023 Green Week Edition is Club Med’s second event dedicated to raising awareness about serious environmental challenges and encouraging positive change.

Club Med’s 2023 Green Week Edition, which will take place across various gorgeous Asia Pacific locations, aims to build a profound connection with nature and cultivate a deep appreciation for the environment. This highly anticipated event holds the key to a sustainable future through a carefully picked spectrum of critical issues.

Club Med’s Green Week 2023

Each day will present a unique opportunity to actively participate in significant projects such as addressing the issue of plastics, celebrating biodiversity, supporting local communities, engaging in local culture, combating food waste, and championing sustainable practices.

To honour World Environment Day, the Green Week Edition will begin on June 5, 2023, with a special emphasis on solving the issue of plastic waste. Guests and employees will both actively participate in beach and mountain clean-ups, united in their desire to make a difference. This programme extends to resort children, who will not only learn about the importance of tackling plastic waste, but will also express their creativity through the Clean Art Planet initiative and contribute to a minor cleanup.

Day 1, June 5th, theme: Plastics

On the first day of the Green Week Edition, we will highlight the issue of plastic pollution by organising a resort-wide clean-up effort. During the clean-up, we collected materials and held Arts & Crafts workshops for the kids, emphasising the importance of sustainability.

Day 2, June 6th, theme: Biodiversity

The second day will be spent exploring and appreciating the local biodiversity. Participants will take part in activities such as seeding plants and upcycling arts and crafts inspired by local wildlife, allowing their creativity to shine. There will be an interactive Kahoot Quiz to supplement the learning experience.

Day 3 (7th June), theme: Solidarity

On the third day, Club Med will proudly demonstrate its dedication to assisting local communities and development activities. Emblematic events will take place in all resorts in collaboration with La Fondation, fostering a sense of connection and solidarity among participants. A special global snack will allow everyone to join together and show their support.

Club Med’s 2023 Green Week Edition is a key milestone in sustainable tourism, setting an example for the industry as a whole. Club Med inspires individuals to become agents of change by offering a platform for knowledge, involvement, and action, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and responsible future.

Club Med is known for its Premium & Exclusive Collection, which offers superb rooms, personalised services, refined culinary concepts, and unique architecture and design aspects at over 70 locations worldwide. Club Med is present in 30 countries and employs a varied staff of over 23,000 Gentils Organisateurs (GOs) and Gentils Employés (GEs) representing 110 nationalities.

During the 2023 Green Week Edition, join Club Med on this incredible adventure towards a better world.

More about Club Med’s Game-Changing Eco-Commitments:

Beyond the outside of its facilities, Club Med has evolved and increased its eco-commitments aimed at reducing environmental effect and encouraging sustainable operations. These are some examples:

Food Waste Reduction:

Tracking and reducing food waste is an essential Club Med programme. Since 2017, Club Med resorts have been able to restrict the production of food waste per day because of their extensive experience in buffet management and the deployment of the Winnow solution, a smart bin technology that enables teams to measure and limit food waste. of addition to efforts to prevent food waste, posters aimed at improving consumer awareness are displayed at key restaurant doors of Green Globe certified resorts.

Promoting Animal Welfare:

With help from specialists, Club Med has been committed for several years to developing its best practices, in accordance with its values. Almost 70 per cent of these resort surface areas are situated on or adjacent to protected areas, which has prompted Club Med to partner with local environment associations to conserve the distinct biodiversity over 20 resorts worldwide. Club Med also offers sea cetaceans observation sessions in support of the World Cetacean Alliance.

Cultivating environmental awareness:

The exceptional locations of the villages are ideal for drawing guests’ attention to environmental issues, and Club Med believes in its responsibility to raise awareness of the fragility and beauty of nature, the environmental issues faced by its destinations, and to encourage guests to participate in environmental preservation. Over 15,000 G.Os (Gentils Organisateurs) are taught annually on sustainability and how to aid in the preservation of resort surroundings by increasing this awareness among guests to ensure that Club Med’s eco-initiatives are effectively championed in every resort. In addition, there are genuine biodiversity and sustainability experts based in the resorts, including a “Green G.O.”

Local cultures are preserved:

Club Med Resorts are entrenched in local culture, as evidenced by their architecture, interior design, vegetation, cuisine, and a variety of other features. Local influences are also reflected in the events and activities given, which usually include dance, cuisine, and language lessons, as well as lectures on the host nation. Most resorts also feature weekly evenings, whole days, or events to celebrate the culture of the host country or region.

Bye Bye Plastics:

A 2018 initiative to minimise and eventually eliminate single-use plastics in Club Med’s bars, restaurants, and guest rooms by 2024. This included replacing plastic water rooms with sustainable ones, as well as encouraging recycling and water-saving practises.