CSC signs MoU with Medikabazaar to strengthen healthcare delivery in rural India


CSC and Medikabazaar to strengthen healthcare

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has collaborated with Medikabazaar to promote healthcare via the availability of medical supplies and equipment in smaller towns and rural India.

According to the agreement, Medikabazaar will provide CSC with its whole medical goods catalogue as well as financial support to enable better healthcare delivery for individuals in rural India. Medikabazaar will also teach the VLEs (Village Level Entrepreneurs) who manage the CSCs on how to construct and launch an online B2B medical supply company. The agreement will assist thousands of small towns and villages by making it easier and faster to get a variety of medical supplies and equipment in Tier 3 and 4 cities, as well as rural places.

Medikabazaar will train these CSCs on the various aspects of running an online business for medical supplies in the assigned geographies, enabling them to transition B2B healthcare online in rural India, and providing end-to-end support throughout this journey by overcoming challenges such as a lack of supply chain networks, last mile delivery issues, a lack of market linkages, and easy access to financing support.


Medikabazaar will develop medical supply procurement, fulfillment, and last-mile delivery to CSCs. It will also assist CSCs in financing solutions to specific development concerns. CSC will give hospitals, physicians, diagnostic centers, and pharmacies access to its full network of CSCs and CSC Grameen e-Stores.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Rakesh, MD & CEO, CSC SPV, further on this collaboration, saying, “This partnership is based on our shared vision of using technology and digital reach to bridge the urban-rural divide in healthcare delivery.” This project will increase the availability of crucial medical supplies and equipment in rural locations across the country.”

Medikabazaar will also improve medical supplies procurement, fulfillment, and last-mile distribution to community health centers. Medikabazaar would also aid CSCs in obtaining funds for specific development issues. CSC will provide access to their whole retail network of CSC e-Grameen Store as well as an offline means of supply to hospitals, physicians, diagnostic centers, and pharmacies.

“We are excited to join efforts of CSCs in delivering better and connected healthcare to the tier 3,4 and remotest corners of India,” stated Mr. Vivek Tiwari, Founder and CEO of Medikabazaar. Medikabazaar will provide its platform and services for medical supply sourcing, fulfillment, and last-mile delivery to CSCs in order to expand healthcare supplies and equipment to CSCs.”