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CSR Report – Wipro spent Rs. 215.7 Cr. on CSR in FY23

Wipro spent

14 July, 2023 – Wipro spent – Wipro, a global leader in information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing, believes in the importance of helping to build a more just, egalitarian, humane, and sustainable society. For more than two decades, Wipro has been deeply and meaningfully involved with essential topics like as education, primary healthcare, ecology, and disaster response. These themes were carefully chosen because they are widely acknowledged to be critical enablers of social growth and community resilience, with long-term positive effects on livelihoods, health and well-being, gender equity, economic productivity, and democratic participation. 

CSR of Wipro  

Wipro’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes beyond simply recognizing social and environmental concerns. The corporation is committed to addressing these issues in a comprehensive, meaningful, and systemic manner in order to achieve significant and long-term change. Wipro takes a holistic approach to societal advancement by actively contributing to the creation of a more just, egalitarian, humane, and sustainable society. 

Wipro actively connects with and contributes to pertinent issues in neighboring communities across all regions and countries where it operates, in addition to its internal activities. Wipro tackles community needs cooperatively by engaging with local organizations and stakeholders, customizing projects to specific circumstances and amplifying the beneficial impact. These activities range from assisting with community development projects to empowering marginalized communities and fostering social inclusion. Wipro ensures that its CSR programs are locally relevant and linked with the ambitions and difficulties of various communities by concentrating on community interaction.

Furthermore, Wipro recognizes that addressing complex social and environmental concerns necessitates larger-scale collaboration and activism. Wipro leverages its power and resources through strategic partnerships and alliances to promote systemic change and influence policy decisions. Wipro aspires to create an enabling environment that encourages societal growth and shared prosperity by pushing for sustainable practices and promoting inclusive policies. 

Wipro Foundation  

Wipro Foundation, Wipro Limited’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organisation, plays a critical role in driving social activities across multiple sectors. With a history spanning over two decades, the foundation works on critical sectors such as Education, Primary Healthcare, Ecology, Disaster Response, and Cities & Public Spaces, with the goal of making a beneficial influence on society. 

Wipro Foundation prioritizes education access and quality. The charity is dedicated to improving educational possibilities for children, particularly those with impairments. Wipro Foundation aspires to build a more equal and empowering learning environment for all by prioritizing inclusive education. 

Wipro Foundation works to develop ecological resilience in communities as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability. The foundation’s actions to promote environmental conservation strive to safeguard and restore natural resources while also creating awareness about the need of ecological balance. 

Another important area of participation for the Wipro Foundation is the enhancement of public health systems. The foundation works to develop healthcare infrastructure and services by cooperating with many stakeholders, ensuring that communities have access to quality healthcare. The foundation focuses on aiding expecting and young mothers, as well as infants, children, and people with disabilities, influencing the lives of nearly 150,000 moms and 250,000 vulnerable people. 


Wipro’s commitment to education has been extensive and powerful through its CSR efforts. Wipro has made great advances in closing educational disparities by focusing on ensuring fair access to education for poor populations, children with disabilities, and female students. Currently, the organization works on 15 subject areas with roughly 140 partners from 27 Indian states and union territories. Wipro’s varied network of education units positions the company as a national leader in the education industry.  

Wipro organized the 20th Partners’ Forum for its education partners in Pune in December 2022 to emphasize the value of collaboration and knowledge exchange. This meeting provided a venue for over 150 civil society organizations (CSOs) to come together, exchange ideas, and explore strategies for furthering educational programs. The event showcased Wipro’s commitment to establishing a thriving ecosystem of education-focused organizations, enabling collective action and collaboration for the benefit of education in India. 

Wipro Earthian

Wipro Earthian is one of India’s largest and most impactful environmental education initiatives. The program is designed to give different learning opportunities for both high school and college students, empowering them to become sustainability champions. Wipro Earthian has effectively engaged over 3,000 schools and 4,000 teachers across 200+ districts in India, impacting education and environmental awareness significantly. 

In addition to school-based efforts, Wipro Earthian organizes a national sustainability quiz designed exclusively for college students. Since its inception in 2015, the quiz has drawn a whopping 8,600 teams. This platform not only encourages healthy competition, but it also promotes sustainability awareness and inspires young brains to actively participate in environmental issues. 

Wipro Earthian encourages students and teachers to think critically, collaborate, and discover innovative solutions to real-world sustainability concerns. The program pushes participants to strive for excellence and provides as a platform to celebrate their accomplishments by recognizing and showcasing excellent initiatives. 

Wipro Earthian, as it grows and evolves, exemplifies Wipro’s dedication to sustainability education and its belief in the transforming power of young minds. The initiative plays a critical role in developing the next generation of environmentally conscious and responsible citizens by involving thousands of schools, instructors, and college students. Wipro Earthian exemplifies Wipro’s commitment to fostering a sustainable future by investing in youth education and empowerment.


Wipro’s commitment to healthcare includes a number of initiatives focused at improving and strengthening urban primary healthcare systems, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable areas. Recognizing the continuous shortfalls in personnel and healthcare amenities, Wipro has been actively working to solve these needs. 

Wipro, for example, launched a mental health program in a Pune community to supplement the existing maternal and pediatric care offerings. Wipro intends to address the entire well-being of individuals and communities by expanding its healthcare assistance to include mental health services.  

Wipro added 12 new healthcare projects in fiscal year 2023, bringing the total number of projects in the primary healthcare domain to 26. Wipro’s commitment to growing its healthcare presence and creating a meaningful effect on the communities it serves is reflected in this growth. 

Wipro has reached out to 1.3 million people in India through its healthcare work. This involves providing healthcare and support to almost 150,000 young and expecting mothers. Wipro helps to the health and well-being of mothers and newborns by concentrating on maternal and pediatric care, ensuring improved outcomes for both. 

Ecological Sustainability 

Wipro’s dedication to ecological sustainability is reflected in its participation in a wide range of projects and initiatives committed to environmental protection and community well-being. 

Wipro’s Urban Ecology Program, which strives to address significant environmental concerns in urban areas, is one of its key areas of concentration. Wipro works hard to maintain the long-term management of this essential resource, with a particular emphasis on groundwater administration and regulation. Wipro contributes to the preservation and responsible use of groundwater in places such as Pune and Bengaluru through cooperation with local stakeholders and the implementation of new techniques. 

Wipro Foundation co-hosts the Bengaluru Sustainability Forum (BSF) in Bengaluru, a trailblazing project that brings together various institutions and experts to stimulate conversations and partnerships on urban sustainability. The BSF acts as a forum for the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and creative ideas, fostering discourse on crucial topics and allowing collaborative action toward a more sustainable future. Furthermore, the BSF’s small grants program encourages action-oriented urban environmental projects, empowering individuals and communities to adopt real solutions that contribute to sustainability. 


Finally, Wipro’s dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is evident in its wide range of initiatives and programs. Wipro Cares has had an indelible impact on communities, from education and healthcare to ecology and disaster response, contributing to their well-being, resilience, and sustainable development. 

Wipro Cares’ governance system, together with employee active participation in volunteering activities and monetary contributions, demonstrates the company’s belief in the collective power of humans to achieve positive change. Wipro has been able to make a significant impact and provide long-term solutions to social concerns thanks to its collaborative approach.