DECATHLON & World Cleanup Day to Promote Sustainable Practices Around Sport


Continuing the tradition of educating people about the importance of participating in sports properly, DECATHLON, in collaboration with the World Cleanup Day organization, has once again teamed to clean and protect playgrounds while participating in sports. In order to maintain the earth healthy, waste collection has become an essential aspect of keeping the environment clean. Along with assisting in the long-term preservation of environmental quality, it also keeps the community engaged in a healthy way, allowing one to interact with eco-passionate peers and create meaningful friendships for a cleaner and greener future. Such collaborations have the potential to transform both individuals and cities. 

The pan-India event is planned to be a fun event that focuses on sustainability for colleagues, families, and friends that have a shared interest. Beach cleanups, hike plogging, cycling activities, and digital cleanups will be among the events that participants will experience. Physical training on garbage segregation and composting will be provided by vendor partners to create awareness about waste management and sustainable practices. Stalls from zero-waste retailers will also embellish the sites to better educate the crowd. 


“DECATHLON is ecstatic to be partnering with World Cleanup Day yet again to contribute to better waste management in our cities and contributes to our consistent effort as an organization towards the same, which we believe is important for sustaining communities,” said Annie George, Sustainability Leader, Decathlon India. This collaboration illustrates the shared ideals of sports and ecology. Reconnecting with the environment in a sustainable way with friends and family is one step toward taking charge of making an effect in our surrounds. DECATHLON teammates’ aggregate participation in 60+ events across 50 locations is sure to instill the necessary team spirit to take care of protecting and cleaning playgrounds. We are thrilled to be a part in bringing about a healthy future.

Last year, 35 activities were held across the country, and approximately 1482 kg of litter was collected. A significant number of people turned out to participate. This year, over 5,000 people are scheduled to take part in the cleaning, which will improve playgrounds and green spaces.