Ethiko and Cuddles Foundation to help kids in fighting cancer

Cuddles Foundation

Ethiko, Cuddles Foundation to help fight cancer

Ethiko has teamed with the Cuddles Foundation, the first non-profit organization in India that uses holistic nutrition to aid children with cancer. Cancer in children is typically treatable. However, survival is difficult in India since at the time of diagnosis, 40% of children with cancer are underweight. 
Malnutrition can increase the risk of infections, adverse effects, problems, and treatment delays in children with cancer at the time of diagnosis or throughout therapy. the positive news In India, 7 out of 10 kids can survive cancer if they receive the proper nutrition during their treatment, according to study. 
By releasing its limited edition self-care box, Ethiko has produced a meaningful product. Ethiko’s self-care package sales will donate 50% of the proceeds to Cuddles Foundation, a charity partner, to support their #FoodHeals programme. 
With the help of nutritional counselling, hot meals, nutritional supplements, and monthly ration bundles, the Cuddles Foundation’s Food Heals initiative currently closes the nutrition gap for children with cancer in 35 government and nonprofit hospitals across 12 states in India. Ethiko and Cuddles Foundation hope to advance the fight against paediatric cancer and provide knowledge about how nutrition can aid in a faster recovery through this offering.

Cuddles Foundation

Together with the Cuddles Foundation, Ethiko has started a digital campaign urging its followers to donate to the cause. Every little bit counts because it enables the organization to give kids access to a committed team of nutritionists and food to help them fight the illness. 
Ethiko’s founder Sonia Sahni states, “As a values-driven organization, we aspire to forge significant social ties with regard to issues that concern our employees, clients, and partners across the nation. The objective and vision of this campaign, which is to create a world free of cancer for children, have not changed. To battle cancer, a youngster needs a good diet and sufficient nutrients. 
The tenets on which Ethiko is founded are purity, sustainability, and respect for life. Much like what we hope to do with this campaign, we want to improve the world for children. We wanted to present a special offering that would make you feel wonderful from the inside out as we seek assistance in the fight against childhood cancer. 
“We must raise awareness of the importance of nutrition in the treatment of cancer. To heal, nutrition is crucial. We must reach as many parents and kids as we can with information and assistance to ensure that those facing paediatric malignancies have access to a healthy diet. We are able to raise awareness, provide hope, and offer every kid with cancer a fighting chance because to programmes like Ethiko’s.