Garnier opens its 1st plastic waste collection center in Chennai


Garnier – Plastic waste collection center

In order to incorporate more ocean-bound plastic in its cosmetic packaging, Garnier establishes its first plastic trash collection facility in Chennai.

A dedicated plastic waste collection centre has been funded by Garnier, one of the biggest mass-market beauty brands in the world, in Chennai, India. This was done in collaboration with Plastics for Change, a social enterprise that was established with the goal of using plastic waste as a resource to address social issues. With a goal of gathering 2,000 tonnes of trash intended for the ocean [1]. This center will improve the lives of 2000 local residents in its first year. In European markets, the recognizable Ultra Doux collection of haircare products from Garnier now comes in packaging made from the plastic that was collected. Introducing Ultra Doux bottles.

Garnier will install plastic collection kiosks at 20 prominent locations in Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi to make collection services accessible to everyone and to promote their #OneGreenStep campaign. In addition, Garnier has agreements with eCommerce partners Myntra and Amazon under which it will recycle two plastic bottles through Plastics for Change for each Garnier product purchased on these websites.


According to Adrien Koskas, Global Brand President of Garnier, L’Oréal, “Garnier has the exceptional chance to contribute to the creation of a beneficial impact on the earth by paving the way towards sustainable beauty that is affordable to all. By developing beauty that is healthy for both you and the environment, Garnier Green Beauty aims to change how the beauty business operates. To have a more positive impact on the planet, we are dedicated to collaborating with groups like Plastics For Change. I’m ecstatic to announce our collaboration with Plastics For Change’s upcoming major accomplishment: the opening of a special collection centre in Chennai.

According to Andrew Almack, CEO and Founder of Plastics For Change, “Plastics For Change was founded with the goal of using plastic waste as a resource to build respectable livelihoods and reduce poverty. The circular economy’s foundation is made up of the waste collectors at the bottom of recycling supply chains, and by empowering them, we have an impact on both the social and environmental landscape. By 2030, we want to link one million waste collectors to fair-trade supply chains. For Plastics for Change and Garnier, the collection centre represents a significant turning point in their pursuit of green beauty.