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CSR: Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd Commits to Truckers’ Protection Campaign

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd is pleased to announce the return of its well-known and well-received “Gulf Superfleet Suraksha Bandhan” campaign, which is currently in its fifth year. As India joyfully celebrates Raksha Bandhan, Gulf reaffirms its steadfast commitment to advocating the health, safety, and protection of truck drivers, the industry’s backbone. This aligns with our idea of being a ‘human-first’ business, going beyond a product solution and aiming to make a real difference in the lives of our customers. This year’s campaign represents a key milestone in Gulf’s unwavering commitment to promoting a safer and more secure life for these intrepid trucking heroes, who persistently move the wheels of commerce ahead without pause. 

The Gulf Superfleet Suraksha Bandhan campaign, which debuted in 2019, exemplifies Gulf’s steadfast commitment to protecting the trucker community. Gulf is going above and above this year to provide 10,000 portable water purifiers across India, rooted on the ethos of Protection, which is the brand promise of the brand ‘Gulf Superfleet Turbo Plus’ engine oil. These gadgets demonstrate Gulf’s commitment to improving truck drivers’ quality of life by providing access to pure and safe drinking water throughout their journeys, thereby reinforcing their well-being and safety on the road. 

Furthermore, Gulf is going above and above by establishing Community water Purifiers at major transportation hubs such as Kalamboli (Navi Mumbai), Indore, Surat, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Baddi, Faridabad, Delhi, Kanpur, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Agra, and Varanasi. These strategically installed communal water purifiers can filter up to 200 liters of water every hour, providing hydration to approximately 15,000 drivers each month. In addition, Gulf has established a permanent health facility in Navi Mumbai Transport Nagar, which will offer truckers free health and vision checks throughout the year. The clinic will be staffed by a general physician and will provide truckers with health care and medications. 

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd

“Truck drivers are the unsung heroes of the logistics industry, ensuring the seamless delivery of goods across the nation,” said Mr. Ravi Chawla, MD & CEO of Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd. Despite their critical role, their well-being is sometimes overlooked. Our primary goal with the Gulf Superfleet Suraksha Bandhan program is to provide a shield of safety for these hardworking individuals by providing them with access to safe drinking water. This program demonstrates our company dedication to not just providing superior products but also fulfilling our social responsibilities. 

“At Gulf, we hold immense gratitude for the relentless dedication and tireless efforts of truckers, who serve as the driving force behind our nation’s progress,” said Mr. Amit Gheji, Head of Marketing at Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd. Recognizing the difficulties that they face on a daily basis, we are delighted to present the fifth season of the Gulf Superfleet Suraksha Bandhan campaign. This year’s project aims to provide them with the basic necessity of clean drinking water. During the preceding four years of our campaign, we attempted to provide ‘protection’ to truckers against relevant life issues such as covid vaccine, health-care packages containing insurance, and so on. We sincerely hope that this effort demonstrates our deep gratitude for their amazing efforts. 

The Gulf Superfleet Suraksha Bandhan program exemplifies Gulf’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of these hardworking workers. It is important to stress that Gulf’s commitment to truckers’ safety goes beyond this promotion. Over the last four years, the company has launched a slew of initiatives, including health insurance coverage, effective vaccination efforts, and the ground-breaking attainment of a Guinness World Record for timely delivery of postcards and rakhis made by truck drivers’ sisters. These measures are typical of Gulf’s never-ending pursuit of creating outstanding experiences for its customers while also strongly supporting the trucking industry—a community that is an integral force in our country’s progress.