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Revolutionizing Employee Management: HajriPe App Launched to Simplify Attendance and Payroll for Small Businesses and Unorganized Sectors

HajriPe App

[Gurgaon, 21/08/2023] – HajriPe App, a groundbreaking employee management app, has officially launched, reshaping the way small retailers, businesses, and individuals across India handle staff attendance and salary administration. Unlike complex HR software geared toward large industries, HajriPe is tailored to meet the specific needs of small enterprises, housewives, and unorganized sectors in the country. 

HajriPe App

Simplicity Meets Efficiency 

HajriPe introduces an unprecedented level of simplicity to staff salary and attendance management. The user-friendly interface ensures that businesses of any size, even those lacking advanced technical knowledge, can efficiently track their employee records. 

Breaking Barriers in Employee Verification 

In the unorganized sector, where proper infrastructure for employee verification is often lacking, HajriPe provides a game-changing solution. Recent research shows that over 89% of employers in this sector struggle with staff verification. With HajriPe’s Aadhar verification feature, the process becomes seamless and automated with just a click. 

Unlimited Scalability 

Unlike many apps that charge based on staff count, HajriPe offers the unique advantage of allowing users to add an unlimited number of employees without incurring additional costs. Each added employee also receives free access to the staff app, enhancing engagement and collaboration. 

AI-Powered Innovation 

HajriPe goes beyond attendance and salary management by incorporating an AI engine. This advanced technology not only automates attendance but also holds the potential to predict staff retention and productivity, providing businesses with invaluable insights for growth. 

Regional Language Accessibility 

With inclusivity in mind, HajriPe supports 11 Indian regional languages. This ensures that users from diverse linguistic backgrounds can easily navigate and make the most of the app’s features. 

Quote from core team of HajriPe: 

“At HajriPe, our mission is to empower small businesses, retailers, and individuals in the unorganized sector with the tools they need for streamlined employee management. We believe that simplicity, automation, and accessibility are the keys to transforming how businesses operate in India.” 

HajriPe is now available for download on the Google Play and very soon it will be available in iOS also.