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HCL Foundation CSR spending rise 10.76% to Rs 216 cr in FY22

HCL Foundation CSR spending

HCL Foundation CSR spending up

HCL Foundation CSR spending – HCL Foundation, a CSR division of HCL Technologies Ltd., announced on Thursday that it had spent Rs 216 crore, or 10.76% more than the previous fiscal year, on a variety of projects involving both urban and rural development as well as environmental action. During the 2020–21 fiscal year, CSR investments totaled about Rs 195 crore.

HCL Foundation, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) division of HCL Tech, reported that it spent Rs. 216 Cr. on community initiatives in FY 2022. This represents a 500% increase from FY 2017, underlining HCL Tech’s steadfast dedication to accelerating improvement for the communities in which it conducts business.

HCL Foundation increased its expenditure for environmental action by Rs. 42 Cr. during FY 2022 and invested over Rs. 91 Cr for urban development initiatives and Rs. 83 Cr for rural development. All 17 of the United Nations’ social development goals are addressed through the Foundation’s activities, which cover health care, sanitation, eradicating poverty, education, skill development and livelihoods, environmental protection, and catastrophe risk reduction.

One of the biggest corporate interventions in India to date is HCL Foundation’s over Rs. 900 Cr. investment in its community programmes. The Government of India recently honoured HCL Uday, one of the foundation’s major initiatives, with the National CSR Award for its contribution to reducing urban poverty.

“At HCL Tech, we have been guided by our objective to achieve tangible and sustained success for all our stakeholders,” said C Vijayakumar, CEO & Managing Director of HCL Technologies. Since 2016, the HCL Foundation and its partners have worked relentlessly with local communities to increase our programme reach by over 12 times in an era of social estrangement. Our initiatives follow the UN Sustainable Development Goals and are evaluated using systems and procedures that have been internationally benchmarked. We are still determined to making progress along the arduous path ahead while expanding our impact to more countries.

HCL Foundation CSR spending

Additionally, the HCL Foundation made available its Annual Report for FY 2022, which had the title “Source Code in Action.” The topic, which was inspired by technology, highlights the Foundation’s attempts to develop high-impact initiatives that can serve as the foundation for large-scale solutions to socioeconomic and environmental issues.

Through its projects, the HCL Foundation has produced measurable effect since its beginnings.

Over 50% of the 3.7 million affected lives were women.

200 NGO collaborations to advance development one more step

Employees of HCL Tech have volunteered more than 665,000 hours.

66,000 acres of land have been greened under local government

931,400 kg CO2e sequestered/emissions decreased due to the planting of saplings and the reduction of stubble burning.

Disaster help reached 298.358 persons.

More than 48,000 animals are protected and treated.

Anika Jerlin, an HCL Sports Scholar, brought honour to India by winning three gold medals in badminton at the 2022 World Deaflympics.