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IICSR Group launches Masters & Post graduate program in CSR and Sustainability


IICSR Group launches Masters & PG program in CSR

IICSR Group, a training partner of MEPSC (A sector skills council under the Ministry of Skills development and entrepreneurship), is playing a crucial role in training young people and working professionals to close the gap in order to address India’s persistent underperformance in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. By offering industry-specific courses to India Inc. and encouraging the future workforce to embrace responsible business leadership, IICSR is concentrating on developing skilled specialists to close the knowledge-to-implementation gap.

Masters and Postgraduate programmes in CSR and sustainability, as well as a recently introduced Certified ESG Practitioner course, are some of its flagship initiatives. All of these programmes are curated by top industry experts and can be found on In order to better prepare business leaders to conduct sustainable initiatives for welfare development, it has also introduced 5-day short-term certification courses. The emphasis is on raising India’s standing on the SDGs and achieving its objectives.

The Managing Director of IICSR Group stated, “According to the Global SDG Index by the United Nations, India has been continually dropping on the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) ranking from 117 in 2020 to 120 in 2021 and 121 in 2022 from 163 countries. Indians are naturally charitable, yet they lack the information necessary to fulfil the Sustainable development objectives (SDGs). All businesses and individuals want to help achieve the SDGs, but acceptance of them and ignorance are major obstacles.


The Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship – Government of India has highlighted the dearth of qualified CSR and Sustainability professionals as a first step in resolving this issue. As a result, it has approved the minimal set of skills needed for CSR and Sustainability Managers and Heads.

“India has a CSR law and United Nations has produced Sustainable development goals (SDGs), both of these are fields growing at a very rapid speed,” says Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, a former DG and CEO of IICA. All parties involved, including businesses, civil society organisations, colleges, and other institutions, are searching for highly qualified individuals in this subject. The Masters, Postgraduate, and 5-day short-term training programmes in CSR, Sustainability, and ESG that IICSR Group has created will support sustainable development.

Since 2010, the IICSR Group ( has been fostering responsible business leadership, and today it is the global leader with presences in South Africa, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Europe, and the United States.