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Glimpses from IIT Bombay Annual CSR Conclave 2023

Annual CSR Conclave

The second annual CSR Conclave 2023 at IIT Bombay was recently conducted on campus, with the topic ‘Technology for Development’ aimed at solving India’s social, economic, industrial, and environmental concerns. The event provided a venue for real corporate interaction and collaboration with the Institute via CSR funding. With over 200 corporates and CSR chiefs in attendance, the Annual CSR Conclave has evolved as a cornerstone event. IIT Bombay is eager to collaborate with corporations that are dedicated to make a difference via their CSR initiatives.

“It’s fantastic that IIT Bombay is doing so much to reach out to the corporate sector.” This is a fantastic initiative. Every citizen growing up in our country should be informed of the difficulties confronting the country. We will produce better citizens if pupils are aware of these issues, as well as the environment and climate change. At the same time, I believe it is a whole ecosystem obligation in which the government, university, and corporate sector must all engage. That’s the only way to achieve long-term change,” remarked Chief Guest Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman of 5F World and Chairman of the Board of Honeywell Automation India Limited.

“The conclave brings together corporates, academics, policymakers, and social change makers to look at different ways in which CSR can create that impact that can go towards solving some of the pressing challenges both at the rural national level and at the global level.” IIT Bombay is currently at a tipping point when we are really good at knowing how to tackle fundamental problems. While we have gotten quite effective at fundamental research over the years, we are now considering ways to make our research more relevant and meaningful to society. We currently rank among the top 50 global institutions, and we have a large corporate alumni base. Given all of this, corporate is quite keen.

Annual CSR Conclave

At the ‘Tech Showcase,’ academics and students displayed their projects that illustrated the use of technology to address vital challenges such as healthcare, education, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. The expo gave business and CSR executives the opportunity to connect with students and professors involved in technological initiatives.

The summit also featured an exclusive award ceremony that recognised and honoured corporates that have made significant CSR donations to IIT Bombay and cooperated with the Institute on high-impact initiatives.