Sustainable move: Imagicaa partners with MG Motor India to power up EV charging


31st March, 2023 – Mumbai: Imagicaa, India’s favourite themed entertainment venue, today announced a partnership with MG Motor India in an effort to decrease its carbon footprint and amp up sustainability measures. Imagicaa has built six EV charging stations within its grounds as part of this groundbreaking cooperation, establishing a pioneering paradigm for accessible, inexpensive, and dependable charging choices for electric vehicle drivers.

Imagicaa hopes that by installing these charging stations, it would stimulate EV users to take delightful road journeys, making the park a popular location for weekend vacations and holiday excursions. This one-of-a-kind collaboration with MG Motor India enhances Imagicaa’s commitment to environmental stewardship and resonates with the company’s aim of providing unforgettable experiences while advocating sustainability.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with MG Motor India to introduce EV Charging Stations at Imagica,” said Dhimant Bakshi, CEO of Imagicaaworld Entertainment Ltd. This programme strengthens our sustainability efforts by lowering carbon emissions and moving us closer to an environmentally responsible strategy. As the first amusement park in India to embrace this trailblazing initiative, our guests may enjoy world-class activities at Imagicaa and Novotel Imagicaa Hotel while charging their cars at the freshly constructed EV charging stations within the parking lot.”


A lively carnival-style party is in the plans to honour Imagicaa’s 10th Anniversary and celebrate this significant relationship. Flea markets, interactive workshops, an annual huge Anniversary Bash with renowned DJ Aqeel, daily fortunate drawings, and a grand Bumper Prize are all part of the celebrations. As the grand prize, one lucky visitor will be awarded the sleek MG Astor SUV in partnership with MG Motor India, our respected Mobility Partner.

Imagicaa’s partnership with MG Motor India not only reinforces its commitment to sustainability, but also demonstrates its commitment to offering outstanding experiences and encouraging environmental consciousness in the entertainment sector. This historic collaboration establishes a unique precedent for the future of EV charging infrastructure in India.