India transforms its ESG landscape to be future-ready

ESG landscape

India transforms ESG landscape to be future-ready

ESG landscape – On Monday, a free online self-learning centre for kids was launched here with support from the YellowBag Foundation, a Madurai-based social services organization. As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, Credit Access India Foundation is funding it.

YellowBag Foundation founder Krishnan Subramanian stated that the center’s goal is to foster every child’s sense of curiosity by providing free access to learning opportunities online that are both academically related and not.

Around 200 children from low-income and marginalized households in Madhichiyam and from regions along the Vaigai river front would receive the holistic and educational support they need from the centre, he said. According to each child’s specific needs, the youngsters would receive instruction in a variety of subjects, including drama, science, and photography.

ESG landscape

Around 70 students at a time could be accommodated in the centre, which has four computers and smart televisions in each space. Students in Classes I through XII are eligible to use the free learning centre. Mr. Subramanian stated that the students would be split up into various schedules and batches, and that other facilitators and volunteers would be brought on board soon to assist the two full-time organizers.

Streetwise promotions would also be implemented to raise awareness among families and encourage them to enrol more kids. The organisers claimed that 100 children are currently willing to enrol. The centre would be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends and from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays. It would be located near the Bhagavathi Amman Temple on Madhichiyam East Street.

  1. Kani Mohammed, manager of the Foundation’s Credit Access programme, T.N. Vinoda, and others were present.