Infosys and Economist Educational Foundation to expand sustainability education for youth

Economist Educational Foundation

Economist Educational Foundation and Infosys to expand sustainability education

A pioneer in consulting and next-generation digital services, and The Economist Educational Foundation (TEEF), a nonprofit organization founded by employees of The Economist Group, today announced a partnership to increase the social impact of The Sustainability Project by allowing younger people to engage in dialogue about sustainability and have their voices heard. The Sustainability Project is a community and content platform for Economist Impact that Infosys, as a Digital Innovation Partner, has made possible. Its goal is to accelerate sustainability solutions and create impact that will change the world.

Only 2% of young people in the UK possess the literary analysis skills necessary to determine if a news article is true or not, so it is crucial that they develop these abilities if they are to have a realistic perspective on the current world. The relationship between Infosys and TEEF, which builds on its involvement with the Sustainability Project, will provide young people with the critical thinking, communication, and knowledge necessary for life in the modern world.

Economist Educational Foundation

As part of this agreement, TEEF will provide six top-notch teaching tools on sustainability topics for students aged 9 to 15 in order to stimulate conversations about these topics and instil a keen awareness of the most pressing global crises. Infosys will donate volunteers to help TEEF create these instructional materials so that teachers may give interactive lessons and lead healthy debates for students around the world, furthering its dedication to education and growth for everyone.

A new “Youth Voices” content series from TEEF will be created from the students’ perspectives and ideas, which will then be curated by TEEF and published on The Sustainability Project website. The students will get the chance to interact with thought-leaders, worldwide experts, academics, and sustainability pioneers by having their work published on The Sustainability Project.

“At Infosys, our objective is to serve the preservation of the global sustainability agenda driven by data-fueled insights, immersive experiences, and informed decision-making, all via utilizing the power of digital technology,” said Mohit Joshi, president of Infosys. We are honored to work with The Economist Educational Foundation as a partner in its mission to equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills they need to be engaged citizens. This partnership illustrates our dedication to taking the lead in promoting inclusive and sustainable growth, including how we do business.