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JK Fenner inaugurated an employability skill training center as a CSR initiative

JK Fenner

JK Fenner inaugurates employability skill training center

JK Fenner (India) Ltd., a developer and innovator in several business fields, opened an employability skill centre in Delhi on December 23 as part of its CSR initiatives in partnership with the Nicola Foundation. This initiative intends to give unemployed, BPL-dwelling youth who are socially and economically disadvantaged in their community long-term support. Through a video call, JK Fenner Ltd. managing director Vikrampati Singhania introduced the skill-training programme.

The Nicola Foundation, JK Fenner (India) Ltd., and all of them have collaborated on several CSR initiatives. Since 2019, they have finished excellent initiatives in the areas of rural village activities, women’s empowerment, healthcare awareness, COVID-19 alleviation, and skill development for livelihood creation. During the 2022–2023 fiscal year 500 rural inhabitants benefited from the rural-healthcare programme, 250 women profited from the women’s empowerment programme, and 650 adolescents gained skill training and employment as a result of this collaboration. More than 5000 people have benefited from JK Fenner (India) Ltd’s CSR initiatives since their collaboration.

One of India’s largest industrial conglomerates, J.K. Organization, owns JK Fenner (India) Ltd. With 125 years of experience, JK Organization is a leader in many different industries. Aside from India, the Group operates in 100 other nations and generates annual sales of more than US$4.15 billion. The Group produces and sells a wide variety of goods, such as paper, auto tyres, cement, auto parts, textiles, and agricultural goods. JK Fenner (India) Ltd. is a well-known producer of goods for mechanical power transmission in India. For example, oil seals, hoses, geared motors, pulleys, power transmission belts, FEAD-Systems, belt tensioners, molded-rubber products, and EV items for both industrial and automotive applications.

JK Fenner India Ltd

The Nicola Foundation is an NGO with its main office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and is registered under Section 8 of the MCA Act-2013. They are active in Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. The history of the Nicola Foundation is characterised by vivid accounts of how it evolved into a more sensible and accountable NGO endowed with the virtues of optimism, perseverance, resilience, compassion, and ongoing efforts for the community woven with the greatest consideration for other living things. The Nicola Foundation is the top provider of skill knowledge in Tamilnadu and a top partner for well-known corporations looking to do CSR. The Nicola Foundation is also a well-known collaborator in the execution of Central-State Government initiatives including PMKVY, NSDC, NAPS, STRIVE, DDU-GKY, TNSDC, NULM, and others.

The key tool used to persuade all aspirant and potential candidates who actually possess these ideal attributes is Sundarapandi Senthamizhan, Founder & Director of Nicola Foundation, who has a strong conviction that “By serving the destitute, we serve the Almighty.” The Nicola Foundation has set up its extensive/extraordinary rehabilitation support for the underserved community, school-college dropouts, unemployed youths, PwD, Srilankan Tamil refugees, young offenders, transgender, and tribes.