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World Environment Health Day: Kolkata Durga puja goes green

Kolkata Durga puja

Green Kolkata Durga puja

The largest festival in West Bengal, Durga Puja, is also widely observed across India and other areas of the world. But this year is particularly noteworthy because Durga puja has been designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. On September 26, World Environmental Health Day, The CSR Journal examines Kolkata Durga Puja celebrations, which have made the decision to be more environmentally friendly this year.

Kolkata Durga puja Clubs

Decorated with banana fibres: Chetla Agrani Club

The Chetla Agrani Club, also known as the puja of Firhad Hakim, the West Bengali government’s Minister of Urban Development, Municipal Affairs, and Housing, has chosen a green theme for their 30th anniversary.  

Idol of Durga at Chetla Agrani Club

Sandip Mukherjee, a member of Chetla Agrani’s executive committee, commented on the matter to The CSR Journal, saying, “We have been producing decorative and practical things from the fibre that has been removed from the stem of banana plants. This fibre was also used to create the Durga idol’s crown and embellishments. We are attempting to draw attention to banana fibre as a viable and environmentally responsible replacement for plastic. 
To get the word out, bags, belts, and other goods manufactured from banana fibre will be on exhibit inside the pandal. Carry bags made of banana fibre can be a decent substitute for the common plastic market bags. The decorations will follow this idea, the artist Subrata Banerjee said.

Decoration made from recycled plastic – Purbachal Shakti Sangha

At Purbachal Shakti Sangha, plastic bottles and containers are used as decorations. 
On a comparable route is Purbachal Shakti Sangha, Haltu. They ask everyone to refrain from using plastic. 
Our puja enters its 14th year this time, said Arijit Das Thakur, president of the puja committee and councillor for Ward No. 106 of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Our yearly theme is “Sabujayan,” or “greening the globe.” According to academics, if humans continue to use plastic at an extremely high rate, the oceans will eventually consume all of the land on Earth. In order to send a message pushing everyone to cease using plastics, we are using recycled plastic bottles as theme décor. 
“The globe is quickly transforming into a concrete jungle, eradicating the natural environment and causing the destruction of our farmlands. A food crisis will result from this. We are creating installations in the shape of earthen rice pots (handi), which are used for cooking the rice we obtain from paddy grains, in order to spread the word, the official continued.

All pets are welcome – Club Bidhan Sarani Atlas

In addition to being environmentally responsible, Kolkata is also setting an example this year by vowing to allow pets at some of the city’s puja committees! It’s true what you just read! Leading the charge is the Bidhan Sarani Atlas Club, which has made the decision to bring joy to animal lovers. 
It was revealed to us by the club’s general secretary, Biswajit Ghosh, who stated, “A few months back, a man visited the Kedarnath temple with his pet dog, which other devotees present at the shrine could not tolerate. However, for some who own pets, their animals grow to resemble their children. Why can’t they bring their pets to the temple with them if they bring their kids? The message is that.