Literacy India educational programs benefit over 10000 Vidyapeeth students

Literacy India educational programs

Literacy India educational programs benefit Vidyapeeth students

Literacy India educational programs – Literacy India, a non-profit organization, and Teleperformance India, a leading provider of digitally integrated business services, have agreed to collaborate to create social transformation programs that have an immediate and long-term positive influence on their beneficiaries and society as a whole. This collaboration emphasizes the necessity of joint efforts in developing sustainable solutions for social development, as well as both organizations’ admirable devotion to this cause.

Literacy India, which operates in 17 Indian states and union territories, has impacted the lives of over 800,000 children, youth, and women. Students in the field of digital education have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get vital insights and training from Teleperformance India leaders and experts through the Digital Mentorship Program.

Literacy India Vidyapeeth School has effectively influenced 10,000 pupils via its educational programs, which include Smart Classes, Experiential Learning, Sports, Marshal Arts, Vocational Studies, and Digital Mentorship provided by workers who volunteer to educate. Students at this school have become responsible citizens who aid their families on their own during the previous two decades, proving that Literacy India’s dedication to children to become responsible adults has been effective.

Literacy India educational programs

“In keeping with our commitment to be a Force for Good, Teleperformance India employees are active volunteers engaging, coaching, and mentoring Literacy India students.” Through our Digital Mentorship program, we have assisted in the establishment of the school’s infrastructure, the construction of leisure facilities, and the coaching of a group of Vidyapeeth students on modules relevant to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

This demonstrates the company’s dedication to share its knowledge and skills in order to help these students become proficient, employable, and future-ready.

“Citizen of the World (COTW) is Teleperformance’s charitable initiative that aims to have a positive impact on local communities, particularly vulnerable children and their families.” “Teleperformance India aims to provide basic education to children and recruitment readiness interventions to youth through mentorship programs to enable them to get hired and sustain a livelihood,” says Vinod Mehta, Chief Human Resource Officer, Teleperformance India & APAC.

“Literacy India has worked in rural and semi-rural areas for the past 26 years, providing education and skills to women, youth, and children.” The relationship with Teleperformance India is a step forward in our efforts to empower women.

Over 40 instructors have been trained on how to use the e-content offered through Extra Marks’ Smart Class program effectively, resulting in enhanced instruction and higher marks for students. Furthermore, with the assistance of Teleperformance volunteers, two teachers received specific training in AI,ML,Robotics curriculum.The school also adheres to the NEP2020 syllabus for different vocational and talent development studies such as Hardware,Mobile -Repair,Cooking,Computer Application Course, Beauty & Wellness,Stitching,Embroidery & Dressmaking,Painting, Music,Marshal Arts,Theatre, and so on.