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Marico & Woloo partner to bridge the gap of safe and hygienic sanitation facilities


Marico & Woloo to bridge the gap of safe and hygienic sanitation facilities

Marico collaborates with Woloo to close the gap in safe and sanitary sanitation facilities for its female sales representatives.

Marico Limited, one of India’s leading FMCG companies, has partnered with Woloo to provide safe and sanitary restrooms for their female sales representatives. Women in sales are frequently required to travel long distances in the market and are frequently exposed to less-than-ideal restroom facilities. With this collaboration, Marico’s on-the-ground sales representatives will be able to locate the nearest Woloo certified safe and hygienic washrooms, which are hosted by premium restaurants, QSRs, cafes, and a variety of other retail business outlets.

The collaboration supports Marico’s mission of promoting diversity and ensuring inclusivity at all levels, roles, and domains. It would give women members unlimited access to over 25,000 clean, safe, and sanitary washrooms in 400 cities across India. In addition, the partnership with Woloo will provide eligible members with a free hygiene Suraksha Insurance cover from Tata AIG for UTL diseases.

Members will also have access to a network of Woloo Powder-Rooms.


Sanjay Mishra, Chief Operating Officer (COO) – India Business & CEO – New Business, Marico Limited, commented on the collaboration, “At Marico, we are committed to creating a safe and comfortable work environment for our workforce.” We believe in investing in our employees and creating an environment that respects and supports our members’ well-being. We decided to collaborate with Woloo to provide access to safe and sanitary sanitation facilities after hearing from our female sales members. We believe that this collaboration will go a long way toward improving the health and well-being of our female sales workforce because our members will be able to easily access clean, hygienic washrooms hosted by premium restaurants and cafes on the go without having to second-guess their choices.

A Woloo spokesperson commented on the collaboration, saying, “Our mission is to empower every working woman with her hygiene dignity.” Our technology-enabled loo-discovery app is specifically designed for women to access safe and sanitary restrooms in any Indian city. We look forward to providing Marico’s women with sanitation facilities that are safe, sanitary, and easily accessible.”

The Woloo app is now available for both Android and iOS users. Members must enter their location, which will locate the nearest safe and sanitary washrooms and powder rooms for them. Members will also receive Rs 10,000/- in free Woloo reward points, which will allow them to shop for hygiene and personal care products on the Woloo E-store.