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Project LEAD initiated by CASE India to foster entrepreneurship in rural areas

CASE India

Project LEAD by CASE India to foster entrepreneurship

CASE Construction Equipment (CASE India), a brand of CNH Industrial, has launched LEAD (Livelihood & Entrepreneurship Awareness Development), a new CSR initiative in India to promote entrepreneurship among rural youth. The LEAD project will provide education and training programmes to generate additional income in the agriculture and infrastructure sectors.

In the first year, the brand hopes to reach over 30,000 young people in 3000 villages. The project, which is scheduled to last until 2024, will focus on local entrepreneurship ventures such as poultry, dairy, bee farming, fisheries, road construction, and irrigation.

CASE India

CASE India is dedicated to fostering rural entrepreneurship in India and finding innovative solutions to the problems that these communities face, such as unemployment and economic disparity. The project will promote inclusive economic growth and encourage reverse migration from urban to rural areas with the help of local partners and stakeholders.

Sunil Puri, the company’s Managing Director, believes that rural entrepreneurship is a critical driver of India’s economic progress and aims to provide local communities with the tools and resources they need to become self-sufficient.