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Rise for Tails: Nagpur’s Leading Rehabilitation Home for Stray Animals

Rise for Tails

Rise for Tails – In our human-centered world, we frequently disregard animal rights. It is critical to recognize and respect that animals, like humans, require safety, dignity, and care. Stray beings among these species often have a difficult existence, lacking fundamental essentials. However, thanks to many social workers and non-governmental organizations who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for our four-legged friends as well.  

Rise for Tails is one such charity that has dedicated itself to rescuing stray animals by giving them with food, housing, and effective medical care. They want to build a more inclusive society in which every animal can live in dignity and safety. 

Rise for Tails’ tale began with the caring heart of Gargi Vairagare, an entrepreneur who envisioned a society in which animals might live with dignity and safety. Gargi was frequently confronted with the sufferings of stray animals on the streets; their anguish greatly moved her, and her journey of empathy and tenacity led her to form this extraordinary NGO. 

The tipping point came late at night, when Gargi received a report about a dog on the street with bleeding eyes. Gargi and her team responded quickly but were unable to restore the dog’s vision; nonetheless, they were able to preserve her life through emergency surgery. This experience generated the question that spurred Gargi’s resolve to devote her entire life to the welfare of helpless animals.  

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Rise for Tails nourished stray animals, feeding around 3,000 canines each day in Nagpur. They expanded their reach over time, with the help of a 24/7 veterinary mobile clinic and rescue vans, to rescue and rehabilitate not only dogs, but also goats, cats, cows, and other animals in need. 

Rise for Tails

Gargi’s visionary leadership and the unshakable passion of the Rise for Tails team have touched countless lives and set a positive shift in motion. They are building a caring tapestry in which animals are cared for, respected, and treated with dignity. 

Rise for Tails’ adventure continues, motivated by a profound devotion to animal welfare and a firm belief in making the world a better place for stray animals. Rise for Tails uses community participation and awareness building as one of its key initiatives.  

They try to teach the public about compassion for animals and the necessity of their well-being through regular activities and initiatives. Among these efforts are stray animal immunizations, awareness campaigns, and collaboration with local communities to promote a sense of responsibility and empathy for stray animals. 

The way forward presented several difficulties. Rise for Tails operates in Nagpur, a tiny town where poor facilities and insufficient resources present considerable challenges. The issues they face are exacerbated by a lack of awareness about animal welfare legislation and the caliber of veterinary practitioners. Furthermore, acquiring corporate CSR funds and sustaining consistent financial assistance remains a challenge, as many corporations prefer to focus their attention on NGOs in larger cities. 

Rise for Tails has accomplished some significant milestones in its quest to create a compassionate and inclusive society for stray animals throughout the years. Among their notable accomplishments is the establishment of an animal rehabilitation center to provide shelter, medical care, and rehabilitation for rescued animals.  

Furthermore, through their sterilization initiatives, they helped to regulate the stray animal population, eliminate overpopulation-related suffering, and ensure a better quality of life for animals in the neighborhood. 

As the Rise for Tails story unfolds, it becomes evident that their journey is far from over. Their commitment to establishing a society in which animals live with dignity and safety is unwavering. As we follow their journey, we are motivated to join hands, spread kindness, and work together to create a world in which every living thing, regardless of species, can prosper and live a life full with love and compassion.