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Signify partners for CSR Project with SRF Foundation

SRF Foundation

Signify and SRF Foundation partner for CSR

Signify recently illuminated 5 schools in Assam’s Kamrup district as part of its Jagmag Pathshala CSR programme, in collaboration with the SRF Foundation. The project was launched at Nartap ME School, Dimoria Block, Kamrup(M), Assam, by the Hon’ble Governor of Assam, Prof. Jagdish Mukhi.

As a first step forward towards a better world for the children, the company installed a 2.5 KW solar power plant as well as energy-efficient lights and fans in each school’s five classrooms. The solar plant will provide clean and sustainable energy to the schools, lowering their reliance on traditional electricity sources and, in the long run, lowering their operating costs and carbon footprint. In addition, the company has installed outdoor lighting in all schools, making the school grounds safer.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Signify India, and we are proud to now bring their ‘Jagmag Pathshala’ programme to Kamrup, Assam,” told reporters Suresh Reddy, Head – SRF Foundation. This programme will provide students with a more comfortable and conducive learning environment. It will also alleviate concerns about school power outages and their impact on children’s education.”

SRF Foundation

“At Signify, our purpose is to unlock the extraordinary potential of light to create brighter lives and a better world,” said Natasha Wadhwa, Head – CSR, Signify Innovations India Limited. With our CSR programme ‘Jagmag Pathshala,’ we hope to brighten students’ futures by lighting up their classrooms and creating a better learning environment. We are excited to illuminate 5 schools in Assam’s Kamrup district, each of which now has a 2.5 KW solar plant as well as new energy-efficient LED lighting and ceiling fans. The solar power plant will allow the school to become self-sufficient in energy and sustainable in the long run.”