SKF India Announces ‘Lab-on-a-Bike’ Program in Bihar


SKF India – Lab-on-a-Bike Program

Pune: As part of its WeGyaan STEM learning effort, SKF India, the nation’s top supplier of bearing technology and solutions, has introduced the “Lab-on-a-Bike” programme in Bihar. With the goal of making STEM education more accessible, the “Lab-on-a-Bike” programme, which will be carried out by the Agastya International Foundation, will touch more than 2000 students across 18 government schools in the Muzaffarpur and Sitamarhi districts.

The “Lab-on-a-Bike” programme aims to pique youngsters’ interest in STEM fields and encourage them to pursue careers in those fields. Innovative tools, do-it-yourself projects, hands-on science-based activities, and other need-based interventions will be used to deliver the curriculum. Additionally, it will help students develop their critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. The programme will educate instructors and equip them with the tools, expertise, and information necessary to improve the educational opportunities for kids. Additionally, it offers a number of local outreach programmes that educate local families and communities about the value of STEM education and related jobs.

According to Manish Bhatnagar, managing director of SKF India Ltd., “India is adopting technology at an ever-increasing rate across all domains of industry and society as one of the fastest developing economies. With the “Lab-on-a-Bike” programme, we are encouraging kids to deepen their understanding of STEM subjects and assisting in the creation of a future talent pipeline of qualified STEM employees, scientists, and engineers to support the goals of the country’s economic expansion. In the future, we want to spread this programme throughout India to have a bigger impact and to encourage kids to study STEM subjects.


“We at Agastya aspire to produce the next generation of tinkerers, innovators, and solution seekers through our hands-on, experiential learning programmes, like the Lab-on-a-Bike,” said Hariharan Ganesan, Director, Partner Relations, in response to the announcement. Through this programme, we hope to motivate young people to pursue STEM careers and become future scientists and businesspeople. We appreciate SKF’s support for this programme, which will in a year reach more than 2000 kids.

In contrast to textbook-based, “learning by rote” approaches, the “Lab-on-a-Bike” project operates on the tenets of “learning by exploration,” “learning via activity,” and “learning from the environment.” The initiative aims to increase children’s interest in and participation in STEM through science-based activities and cutting-edge teaching methods, encouraging them to consider a STEM-based career.