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What is Corporate Financial Performance?

Corporate Financial Performance

Corporate Financial Performance Meaning

Corporate financial performance measures how well a company is using its resources to create money.

Additionally, it serves as a broad indicator of the financial health of a company over an extended period of time.

The metric is also used to compare performance to that of similar corporations in the same sector.

Corporate Financial Performance

In current challenging economic times, it is critical to assess how a significant public health emergency would affect company performance given that issuers are a key part of the national economy. According to investigations, the recent economic downturn may have been mostly caused by internal financial system problems. The telecoms sector was among almost all industrial sectors that were impacted. Using data from many relevant sources, this research aims to comprehend business financial performance throughout the Covid-19 period. Through a literature review, a qualitative design technique was used to create this study. Reviews of corporate finance performance are conducted by reading and analyzing 25 peer-reviewed journal papers, which are then summarized in two tables, one listing publisher distribution and the other subject-specific article categories.