CSR: Youngistaan Foundation celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day

Youngistaan Foundation

Youngistaan Foundation, a city-based NGO that has been working intensively to promote menstrual hygiene and break the taboos surrounding menstruation, organised a unique event to commemorate Menstrual Hygiene Day at Lamakaan. The event drew people from all walks of life together for a vibrant celebration that included storytelling, poetry, stand-up comedy, live music, theatre drama, delicious food, and an open mic session on important topics like Periods, Menstrual Health & Hygiene, Body Positivity, and Sexual Reproduction Health.

As part of the month-long campaign, the organisation has been hosting online dialogues with other people striving to improve menstruation health.  Anyone can join the team and raise awareness about shattering the period taboo and menstrual health. The campaign’s goal is to reach 5 lakh people this month.

The historic event aims to break down societal obstacles and misconceptions about menstruation, enabling an open and informed discussion on menstrual health and hygiene. Youngistaan Foundation successfully engaged participants in empowering dialogues by organising a varied range of events, shedding focus on critical issues affecting the well-being and dignity of menstrual individuals.

Youngistaan Foundation

Volunteers from the Youngistaan Foundation, as well as passionate citizens from throughout Hyderabad, took part in the festivities.

Founder and Director of the Youngistaan Foundation Arun Daniel Yellamaty underlined the necessity of openly discussing menstruation hygiene, body positivity, and associated taboos in today’s society during the event. He emphasised that public events like this one give a significant forum for raising public awareness. Artists from across the city have banded together to spread the word and raise awareness about these critical issues. This event is part of the Youngistaan Foundation’s Gender Program’s “Period Positivity” initiative, which aims to positively touch the lives of 5 lakh people. Over the last five years, the organisation has held regular seminars in schools and communities across the state, concentrating on menstrual health and cleanliness, as well as sexual and reproductive health.

The activities promoted menstrual hygiene education and encouraged people to share their personal experiences, thoughts, and artistic expressions. Storytelling sessions allowed for the sharing of narratives, emphasising the difficulties experienced by menstruation people and the need of building safe spaces for discourse. Poetry recitals, stand-up comedy, and live music provided a creative touch, while a stage performance depicted real-life scenes, providing insights into the daily hardships of menstruation. Furthermore, the open mic session gave everyone a chance to share their thoughts, worries, and ideas, establishing a sense of community and support.